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Used to adjust the content of Silicon element in the manufacture of high quality Aluminum Alloys. The product can be direct added and rapid dissolution at normal casting-house  operating temperatures.
Content of Si: 95%    Recovery rate: over 90%
In order to achieve high element recovery, 740oC is recommended minimum adding temperature. After skimming the slag, the products can be direct added into the furnace dispersedly. Waiting for 30 minutes (do not churn up), and then mix round about 7 minutes. You can have the analysis after keeping a rest for 10~20 minutes.
Remark: To prevent deposit, division of the adding procedure in several times is required if the target amount is over 3%.If under 3%, adding procedure could be at one time.
Packing and Storage
10KGS in one kraft-paper bag.
Store in a dry and cool place
Guarantee period:8months.